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Aerpro have reduced the harness range to stop confusion between the various harness types and simplify the display of harnesses available. Each vehicle make will have a car plug to ISO socket harness. If a specific aftermarket radio harness is required, simply connect one of the following aftermarket radio plugs to your ISO socket.

Car Dash Plug To After Market Unit

To adapt an after-market car stereo (e.g Pioneer unit as shown below) into an Australian Automobile, you will require two adaptors.

Adaptor 1 Changes the Car Stereos' Wiring Loom into an "ISO" Plug. (eg APP8-PIO)
Adaptor 2 Changes the Automobiles Dash Plug into an "ISO" Socket. (eg APP0140)

Select the make of the NEW Stereo System (eg. Pioneer) then select the Make and Model of your Automobile (eg. Toyota Celica).

This combination works out to be APP8-PIO & APP0140 is required to plug a new Pioneer Stereo into a Toyota Celica. How easy is that?!

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Drive Assist Gator

Bullant Worksafe