The original Adaptiv is a dynamic multimedia product designed to evolve your vehicle’s system without the need to change your original stereo. A simple installation of the interface will allow you to receive the benefits of beautifully rendered navigation, reverse camera connectivity, video playback, DAB radio, and a host of connection types for your devices including USB, Aux, SD and HDMI.

ADVUSBCD Plug & play cd player upgrade


Modern car radios have moved away from in-dash CD players because it is becoming like the cassette tape, an out of date medium. However, many drivers still prefer to listen to music on disc rather than stream it via smartphone, connect via Aux-In or spend hours transferring their music collection to media devices.

If you really liked the convenience and sound quality CDs offer, we have the answer. The new CD player upgrade from Adaptiv gives you back that choice, allowing you to enjoy your music on the move via disc in newer vehicles without a CD deck.

Simply plug the CD player into the vehicles USB port and control it as you would a USB media device.The ADVUSBCD connects to compatible OEM and aftermarket headunits that feature a USB media input (see headunit requirements in Specifications Section for compatibility). Installation takes minutes and the included bracket ensures that the product can be secured firmly in any suitable location inside the vehicle.

  • Connects to compatible OEM and aftermarket headunits that feature a USB media input (see headunit requirements in Specifications Section)
  • Control the CD player on your headunit as you would a USB media device
  • Plug & Play design, the CD player is powered from the USB connection
  • Small hideaway design, with secure mounting bracket
  • Can be used in the vehicle, at home or in the office
  • Compatible with CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Headunit Requirements: Running On Android 4.4 or with USB Media Player that Supports .WAV File Playback (See Note Below to Check .WAV Compatibility)
  • CD Playback Type: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
  • USB Version: 2.0
  • Cable Length: 0.8m + 1.0m USB Extension, Total Cable Length 1.8M
  • Installation Hardware: Mounting Bracket, Double Sided Tape & Screws Included
  • Dimensions: 148mm (D) x 145mm (W) x 35mm (H)
  • Important Notes:
    • To verify compatibility with a specific vehicle: Load 3 ".WAV" format music files onto a USB memory stick and plug it in to the factory USB input. If it plays the songs without skipping, and gives you the ability to go to the next/previous track, then the CD Player will most likely work with that vehicle.
    • Some vehicles will display the names of the songs on the CD and allow you to change tracks using the radio or steering wheel controls. Other radios will only display track numbers instead of their names.
    • The maximum length of an audio track is 30 minutes, so it may not be suitable for playing audiobooks.
    • The unit may not be found by the factory radio until a cd has been inserted into the player, this can take 10-20 seconds once the disc is inserted.