Aerpro API & Vehicle Selector jQuery Widget

Welcome to the Aerpro API!

While designed for internal and Aerpro website use, several of our customers asked to get access to it, so we've opened it up a bit to help sell more products, and ensure accurate vehicle/product linking on all dealer sites. Data is subject to change at any time, by following the terms and conditions, end-users should have the most current and accurate information at all times, the same information is used to build itself.

Allowed Version

We are very happy for you to include the as a script tag on your site, it will provide the vehicle selectors which your users can use to pick their car. What your site does with the selected car and linked products is up to your site, perhaps you want to add them to a cart, or show details etc.


  • The attribution link must be present
  • jQuery - it is a jQuery plugin.
  • Some of your own javascript to operate on the resulting object.

There are additional API methods that provide extra detail, and information about them is available on request, however, at this time, they are no longer freely available for general use.

Any previous API has been disabled, they were deprecated for a while, and now are no longer operating. Apologies if you use them in your workflow, but the current plugin should be compatible, just include that instead. It operates the same way, you just need to include the plugin.js instead of any old code.


The demo code is hosted on and requires only what is shown to operate, please view that pages source-code to read the full example.


Code/data is owned by TDJ Australia Pty Ltd, and your use of any plugin or API on this site accepts all terms and conditions listed here.

You must not pre-fetch, index, store, or cache any Content except under the limited conditions stated in the terms.

Permission is only granted to embed the plugin via the script tag in your website, eg:

<script src=""></script>
only that plugin is allowed to make API calls against servers on your end-users behalf.

The minimum required to get a functioning vehicle selector:

  1. Load jQuery
    <script src=""></script>
  2. Load the plugin:
    <script src=""></script>
  3. Define a callback function to work with the results:
    <script>window.WhatDoWeDo = function(data){ 
    // Write whatever you like! 
  4. Create a place for the plugin to exist on the page:
    <div id="aerpro-selector-here"></div>
  5. Finally, tell the plugin to use the callback function on Model Select completion:

Essentially we load the script, then register a function to operate on the success of a users-selection. For a fully working version on a foreign site, check out

Feedback extremely welcome, ideas/updates/changes etc, please feel free to help us make this service better!

Documentation for the old APIs

We no longer allow use of any of the old API's.

Register for updates

Please drop an email to: [email protected] and we'll keep you informed of changes.