Gauge Power Calculator

Calculates the lost power due to cable composition & dimensions.

Helps you compare different cables and determine the least lossy configuration for your amplifier setup.

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Black = Dangerously bad.
Model Description Channels Type Rated (W) Consumed (W) V A Output (W)  

Type: Indicates the type of Amplifier, different types have different degrees of efficiency, and therefore consume more power for a given rated input.

Rated: The RMS rating on the box.

Consumed: The actual usage of electricity to generate the RMS output.

Volts: The voltage that the rating was tested against, typically 14.4V

Amps: The amount of current required (Ohms Law)

Output: The actual output when taking into account the Cable Loss

Colored Table: (W is the amount of Lost power for each combination of Cable type and Gauge, Total Loss should equal difference between Rated W and Output W)

  • Green: Almost no loss, amazing.
  • Yellow: Acceptable loss.
  • Red: Unacceptable loss, if everything is Red & Black, consider a shorter run!
  • Black: Dangerzone! Your amplifier could be damaged running this!
  • Fuchsia: The voltage has dropped below zero at this point, so I'm assuming your amp has exploded

Note: 00 in this instance does not refer to 2/0 wire, but actually two separate runs of 0 wire, which would have the dimensions of 4/0.

Read more about AWG standards here; Wiki