Aerpro's bluetooth and wireless kits enable you to safely use your phone whilst driving, or stream music from your device, to your car stereo.

AMPFMT35 4 Channel fm transmitter


The Aerpro AMPFMT35 4 Channel FM Transmitter allow you to play your digital audio tracks from MP3 players, iPhones, iPods and smartphones through your car audio system over FM radio.

The AMPFMT35 provides 4 FM frequencies for use, 88.1,88.3,88.5 and 88.7 so if you get interference on one channel you can simply flick the switch to use a different channel.

Note: The source devices volume level will affect the output volume and audio quality, we suggest setting the volume of your device no higher than approximately 90% of maximum output.

  • Suits all devices with a 3.5mm outputs
  • 12/24 input compatible

Selectable Operating Frequencies 88.1,88.3,88.5,88.7 MHz
Audio Frequency range 20Hz - 18KHz
Current 100mA max.
3.5mm Audio input jack
Plugs into Car 12V socket
Power Supply: DC 12 - 24v