These antennas are designed specifically to replace the OEM fit antenna where a universal type is not suitable

AP153 Universal antenna mast with 5mm thread


The Aerpro AP153 Universal Antenna Mast can be installed on various vehicles that have a removable roof mount antenna mast with a 5mm thread base. The 41cm coated stainless steel mast is perfect for replacing a broken or missing mast on the vehicle. The mast has a 5mm male thread, therefore for compatibility the vehicle requires a 5mm female thread.

  • Universal design with 5mm male thread
  • Ideal replacement for broken or missing masts
  • Suitable for AM/FM Radios
  • 1 Section stainless steel mast
  • 41cm Mast length
  • 16mm Base
  • 1 section coated stainless steel mast
  • 41cm length
  • 5mm male Thread size
  • 16mm Base size