These adaptors allow you to install an aftermarket amplifier to your factory head unit. These devices take the speaker level outputs from the head unit and reduce the signal to a level of which an aftermarket amplifier can use without overloading its inputs.

AP3042A 2 Ch line output converter


The Aerpro AP3042A is a super compact 2-channel line output converter. Ideal for adding aftermarket amplifiers to factory headunits in most 12V vehicles. Many aftermarket amplifiers only have a low voltage audio input, this can be problematic when the factory headunit can not be changed or is preffered over aftermarket headunits. The AP3042A converts a high voltage signal from a factory headunit to a low voltage signal suitable for most aftermarket amplifiers. The built-in signal noise filter helps to reduce unwanted noise commonly picked up from factory headunits. The Step Down adjustable channel gain makes the AP3042A compatible with most aftermarket amplifiers and can also help adjust the signal voltage for individual channels.

  • 2-Channel
  • Step Down Adjustable Channel Gain
    Remote Out Trigger
    Signal Noise Filter
    Super Compact Design
    LED Power Indicator

Operating Voltage: 12V
Max Input Wattage: 40W
Input Format: Open-End Wire
Output Format: RCA
Dimensions: 87L x 65W x 28D


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