Ultra-compact, reliable and feature-packed, Aerpro's Fixed Mount UHF CB Radios offer unbeatable value and uncompromised quality. With 5W transmission power, 80 channels, compatibility with 12V and 24V vehicles, and a robust aluminium die-cast chassis, they are built to exceed your expectations. You can choose between integrated display and remote microphone models. Enjoy peace of mind with our industry-leading 5-year warranty, ensuring your communication needs are met reliably and efficiently.

AP477E 5W ultra compact uhf cb radio


Introducing the Aerpro AP477E 5W Ultra Compact UHF CB Radio - purpose-built for seamless communication in vehicles across the vast and challenging landscapes of Australia. Whether you're navigating bustling city streets, tackling rugged off-road trails, or cruising the highways, this radio ensures you're always connected.

With its 5 Watt transmission power, you'll experience an extended reach and crystal-clear signal quality. Enjoy access to 80 channels, granting you the flexibility to communicate effectively in diverse situations. CTCSS & DCS codes provide privacy and reduce interference and activating duplex mode extends coverage even in remote areas. Easily scan channels, benefit from automatic squelch control, adjust the volume to your preference and personalise calls with distinctive call tones.

The fixed cord microphone keeps communication within easy reach and the ultra-compact design seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's interior. Its robust aluminium die-cast chassis ensures durability, designed to withstand the toughest conditions. This radio is compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, making it suitable for various vehicles, including cars, utes, 4WDs, trucks, vans and motorhomes.

The white backlit display ensures effortless operation even in low-light conditions. Expand your audio options with the external speaker port and seamlessly mute your car stereo for uninterrupted communication.
The Aerpro AP477E is more than just a radio, it's your reliable companion on the road. No matter what vehicle you drive, this radio is designed to keep you connected and safe on your journey.

Elevate your driving experience with the Aerpro AP477E - where reliability and performance meet the open road. Stay connected, stay confident. Upgrade your vehicle communication with Aerpro today!

  • 5 Watt transmission power
  • 80 Channels
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Ultra compact design
  • Aluminium die cast chassis
  • 12/24V compatible
  • Fixed cord microphone
  • CTCSS & DCS codes
  • Range extender (duplex mode)
  • Channel scan
  • Automatic squelch control
  • Volume control
  • Call tone alter
  • White backlit display
  • External speaker port
  • Mute Out (for muting car stereo)
  • Transmission Power: 5 Watt
  • Frequency: 476.425 - 477.4125 MHz
  • Channels: 80
  • CTCSS / DCS Codes: Yes
  • Duplex Mode: Yes
  • Channel Scan: Yes
  • Squelch Control: Yes
  • Busy Channel Lockout: Yes
  • Call Tone Alter: Yes
  • Roger Beep: Yes
  • Button Beep: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Backlit Display: White
  • Radio Type: Ultra-Compact Chassis
  • Microphone: Fixed Cord
  • Voltage: 12/24V DC Compatible
  • External Speaker Port: Yes
  • Mute Out: Yes
  • Antenna Connection: PL259
  • Inclusions:
    • 1x UHF CB Radio
    • 1x Microphone (attached to radio)
    • 1x Microphone Mounting Clip
    • 1x Radio Mounting Bracket


Manuals & Firmware