Bundled with a UHF CB Radio and Antenna, the Aerpro UHF CB Radio Universal Kits offer unbeatable value and uncompromised quality. You can choose between integrated display and remote microphone models.

AP477HPK 5W hideaway uhf cb radio & antenna pack


Elevate your vehicle communication and stay connected with the AP477HPK convenient Hideaway UHF CB pack from Aerpro. The Aerpro AP477H 5W Hideaway UHF CB Radio and the Aerpro CBA3F1L 6dBi Elevated Feed UHF Antenna form the perfect partnership for seamless communication on the road.

Aerpro AP477H 5W Hideaway CB Radio

Elevate your communication capabilities with the new Aerpro AP477H 5W Ultra Compact Hideaway UHF CB Radio, designed for seamless communication in Australia. With 5 Watts of transmission power and 80 channels, this discreet powerhouse offers extended reach and impeccable signal quality, ensuring precision in every interaction. The standout feature is the Remote Speaker Microphone with a large backlit display, providing remote control and personalization with 7 display colors. Built for durability, the ultra-compact hideaway design fits seamlessly under your dashboard or seat, with hassle-free installation. Enjoy standard features like CTCSS & DCS codes, range extender, channel scan, and more, plus the unique multi-colored backlit display. The Aerpro AP477H is your dependable companion on the road, suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Aerpro CBA3F1L 6dBi 477MHz Silver Elevated Feed UHF CB Antenna

Paired with the Aerpro CBA3F1L 6dBi 477MHz Silver Elevated Feed UHF Antenna, this UHF CB pack is a game-changer. Compatible with all 477MHz UHF CB radios in Australia and New Zealand, this medium gain antenna offers an elliptical radiation pattern, ideal for medium-range communication in suburban areas, towns, and woodlands. Its 945mm length, solid black fiberglass whip, and silver elevated feed base with medium-duty stainless steel spring make it perfect for vehicles prone to vibration, such as trucks and 4WDs. With ground-independent mounting and a pre-terminated RG58 coaxial cable, installation is a breeze. The elevated feed design ensures high performance, even when mounted on a vehicle roof gutter, guard, or bullbar. Built to withstand the rugged Australian outback, the CBA3F1L is the ultimate all-rounder antenna for your vehicle communication needs.

Important Information:

  • This Aerpro AP477HPK Compact CB UHF is sold as a kit which includes:
    • Aerpro AP477H 5W In Car UHF CB Radio
    • Aerpro CBA3F1L 6dBi 477MHz UHF Antenna
  • Convenient all in one kit includes AP477H Hideaway UHF CB Radio & CBA3F1L UHF CB Antenna
  • 5 Watt transmission power & 80 Channels
  • Ultra compact aluminium die cast UHF radio chassis
  • Remote speaker microphone
  • 12/24V compatible enables installation in virtually any vehicle
  • External speaker port & mute out (for muting car stereo)
  • 6dBi Gain antenna, has an elliptical radiation pattern suitable for medium range communication
  • 945mm Antenna with removable 650mm solid fibreglass black whip mast
  • Elevated feed & ground independent antenna design means it can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle
  • FME to PL259 adaptor included, for solder free antenna installation
  • 5 Year warranty on the radio, 1 year warranty on antenna

Aerpro AP477H Specifications:

  • Transmission Power: 5 Watt
  • Frequency: 476.425 - 477.4125 MHz
  • Channels: 80
  • CTCSS / DCS Codes: Yes
  • Duplex Mode: Yes
  • Channel Scan: Yes
  • Squelch Control: Yes
  • Busy Channel Lockout: Yes
  • Call Tone Alter: Yes
  • Roger Beep: Yes
  • Button Beep: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Backlit Display: 7 Multicolour
  • Radio Type: Hideaway Ultra-Compact Chassis
  • Microphone: Remote Speaker
  • Voltage: 12/24V DC Compatible
  • External Speaker Port: Yes
  • Mute Out: Yes
  • Antenna Connection: PL259
  • Inclusions:
    • 1x UHF CB Radio
    • 1x Remote Speaker Microphone
    • 1x Microphone Mounting Clip
    • 1x Radio Mounting Bracket
    • 1x Microphone Extension Cable (2 Metre)

Aerpro CBA3F1L Specifications:

  • Frequency: 477MHz
  • Gain: 6dBi
  • Main Colour: Silver
  • Ground Independent: Yes
  • Elevated Feed: Yes
  • Total Length: 945mm
  • Mast Length: 650mm
  • Mast Width: 6.5mm
  • Mast Type: Fibreglass Whip
  • Spring Type: Medium Duty Stainless Steel
  • Antenna Mounting Thread Size: 16mm
  • Mast Mounting Thread Size: 5/16"
  • Cable Type: RG58 Terminated with Female FME
  • Cable Length: 4.9 Metre (approx)
  • Included Accessories:
    • FME to PL259 Adaptor
    • Mounting Nut
    • Installation Spanner