From highway cruising to rugged off-road adventures, Aerpro offers a range of UHF CB Radio Antennas to match your needs. Our selection includes stubby whip antennas and heavy-duty radome antennas, catering to various terrains with different dBi options. Installation is a breeze as all antennas come pre-terminated with an FME connector and include an FME to PL259 Adaptor. Simplify your setup and ensure reliable communication with Aerpro's UHF CB Radio Antennas.

CBSTHD1 3Dbi 477mhz heavy duty black radome uhf antenna


Elevate your communication capabilities, even in the most challenging terrains, with the Aerpro CBSTHD1 3dBi 477MHz Heavy Duty Black Radome UHF Antenna. Perfect for 4WD enthusiasts, off-road touring and everyday driving, this antenna boasts a rugged construction that's designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Featuring a robust 700mm fibreglass radome mast, the Aerpro CBSTHD1 is supported by a heavy-duty stainless steel spring base, ensuring durability and longevity. The mast is conveniently detachable and a weather cap is included to protect the connection point on the spring base, further enhancing its resilience.

This UHF Antenna sets itself apart with its ground-independent and elevated feed design, delivering exceptional performance in signal transmission. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the included 4.5-meter RG58 coaxial cable, pre-terminated with an FME connector. This connector simplifies the installation process, allowing you to easily pass it through the firewall grommet in your vehicle. To further accommodate your needs, the Aerpro CBSTHD1 comes with an FME to UHF PL259 screw-on adaptor, to ensure a hassle-free installation experience, enabling you to get on the road and stay connected without a hitch.

Engineered to endure the rugged terrain of the Australian outback, the Aerpro CBSTHD1 is not just a reliable off-road companion but also a versatile antenna suitable for town and country use. What’s more, it is compatible with all major brands of UHF CB Radios in Australia and New Zealand. Upgrade your communication capabilities and equip your vehicle with this robust and dependable UHF antenna.

  • Suitable for use with all 477 MHz UHF CB Radios in Australia and New Zealand
  • 3dBi Gain, has a broad radiation pattern suitable for short range communication
  • Heavy duty design, perfect for 4WD enthusiasts, off-road touring and everyday driving
  • 700mm Detachable fibreglass radome mast
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel spring base
  • Ground independent & elevated feed means it can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle
  • 4.5 Metre RG58 coaxial cable, insulated to reduce signal interference
  • FME connector pre-terminated to cable for ease of installing through the firewall grommet in vehicle
  • FME to PL259 adaptor included, for solder free installation
  • Frequency: 477MHz
  • Gain: 3.0dBi
  • Main Colour: Black
  • Ground Independent: Yes
  • Elevated Feed: Yes
  • Total Length: 700mm
  • Mast Length: 570mm
  • Mast Width: 40mm
  • Mast Type: Fibreglass Radome
  • Spring Type: Stainless Steel
  • Antenna Mounting Thread Size: 16mm
  • Mast Mounting Thread Size: 30mm
  • Cable Type: RG58 Terminated with Female FME
  • Cable Length: 4.5m
  • Included Accessories: FME to PL259 Adaptor & Mounting Nut