Our CB Radio antennas are all now made with 100% Stainless steel Spring and body construction making them suitable for all the harsh conditions that the Australian environment can throw at them. All antennas are pre-tuned to a standard of a VSWR or 1:1.15 or better.

CBW30 30 Cm cb whip antenna


Aerpro CBW30 UHF antenna features a high-quality flexible mast with 4.55 meters of low-loss RG58 coaxial cable fitted and pre-wired with PL259 connector.

The CBW30 is suitable for use in hilly country and can be mounted on vehicle bull bars and guards using Aerpro UHF antenna mounting brackets.

  • Flexible whip with black heat shrink
  • 2.1 dBi
  • 16mm bolt length

Frequency: 477MHZ
Gain: 2.1 dbi
Ground independent: Yes
Total length: 36cm
Mast thread: NA (Fixed)
5m RG58 cable
FME connector fitted
Includes FME to PL259 connector
Flexible whip in black heat shrink