Bare wire primary harnesses are designed to plug into your vehicle's factory wiring and give you bare ended wires at the other end . Bare wires allow you to "hard wire" your head unit directly in using the bare ended wiring harness that comes with your aftermarket stereo. The wires are colour coded for easy cable identification.

GETZPLUG Steering wheel control plug to suit Hyundai getz


The Aerpro GETZPLUG is designed to suit the Hyundai Getz 2002-2011 that were optioned with Steering Wheel Controls. The GETZPLUG connects to the factory 3 pin connector where the steering control wires were populated and provides 2 loose wires as an output, to save cutting factory wires.

These loose wires can be utilised by connecting to a compatible radio with Steering Control "Learning" function, or connecting to a compatible Steering Control Interface such as the APUNISW2 or AXSWC.

  • Provides an aftermarket connector and wires to avoid cutting factory wires
  • Length: 280mm
  • Black/White Trace: Key 1 (Analogue Signal)
  • Pink: Key Ground (Analogue Ground)

  • APUNISW2 Configuration:

    • APUNISW2 Grey to GETZPLUG Black/White Trace.
    • APUNISW2 Black (Analogue Ground) to GETZPLUG Pink.
    • (Dip 5 + 7 ON, The rest OFF)
  • AXSWC Wiring:

    • AXSWC Green/Orange to GETZPLUG Black/White Trace.
    • GETZPLUG Pink to Vehicle Chassis (Ground)
    • (Auto Detect, Push and hold VOL+)
Vehicles known to work with this product: