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STPBROMO Stp bromo special line: 7mm vibration-damping and sound-proofing material


StP Bromo has combined materials sandwiched together that functions for sound absorption and sound insulation. The open-cell structure of the soft layer effectively dissipates sound and reduces its amplitude. The heavy soundproof membrane reflects penetrating sound waves and prevents them from entering the interior of the car. The front soft covering with a contrasting print makes it easy to distinguish Bromo from other materials and makes cutting the material safer for the craftsman. Combining several functions in one material speeds up the processing process.

Bromo is used in sound insulation for treatment with a second layer, on top of a layer of sheet vibration damper. The material is suitable for application to the floor in the cabin and trunk, as well as to the rear wheel arches on the interior side.

StP Bromo includes 10 sheets that are 375 x 470mm in size, 7mm thick, providing total coverage area of 1.76m2.

  • Multi-layered sheets with a 1.2mm heavy butyl layer and 4mm perforated polypropylene foam layer
  • Soft face covering and unique composition
  • Strong adhesive layer to install products directly onto rear wheel arches, central space, under seats, spare tire compartment & boot floor
  • High level of sound insulation (especially at low frequencies)
  • High degree of adhesion to the vibration-absorbing layer
  • Protective anti-adhesive paper
  • Colour: Black
  • Purpose: Multi-Purpose sound insulating material
  • Installation Surface: Clean Metal
  • Recommended Application Areas: Interior floors, Wheel arches and boot floor
  • Number of Sheets: 10
  • Sheet Size: 375mm x 470mm
  • Total Coverage: 1.76 m2
  • Sheet Thickness: 7.0mm
  • Index of airborne noise insulation: 31 dB