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STPSNORA Stp sonora special line: 5mm vibration-damping and sound-proofing material


StP Sonora (Order Code STPSNORA) is new generation material for car sound insulation. It is intended, first of all, for treating the inner space of doors with a second layer - an area where moisture is regularly present. The material effectively resists moisture due to the non-hygroscopicity of the soft polypropylene foam layer and the increased adhesion of the mastic adhesive layer. In addition, a dense soundproofing membrane complements the effect of isolating the interior from external noise. Sonora uses layer combining technology, which reduces the application time.

StP Sonora includes 10 sheets that are 375 x 470mm in size, 5.2mm thick, providing total coverage area of 1.76m2.

  • Multi-layered sheets with a 2mm heavy butyl layer, 3mm Sound absorbing viscoelastic polyurethane foam layer and a 1mm Sticky polymer layer
  • Soft face covering and unique composition
  • Strong adhesive layer to install products directly door panels (metal surfaces)
  • High level of sound insulation (especially at low frequencies)
  • High degree of adhesion to the vibration-absorbing layer
  • Protective anti-adhesive paper
  • Colour: Sand
  • Purpose: Multi-Purpose sound insulating material
  • Installation Surface: Clean Metal
  • Recommended Application Areas: Door panels
  • Number of Sheets: 10
  • Sheet Size: 375mm x 470mm
  • Total Coverage: 1.76 m2
  • Sheet Thickness: 5.2mm
  • Index of airborne noise insulation: 31 dB