Ford Mustang 2001-2002

Headunit Installation Requirements

You will need

Facia - Single DIN : 


Steering Wheel Control Harness: 

Not Required

Antenna Adaptor: 

Not Required
About this Vehicle


Jan 2001 through Jan 2002


  • Ford

Chassis Type: 

  • Sedan

Place of Origin: 



  • Mustang
  • Ford

Ford Mustang

In 2001, Ford Australia undertook the ambitious two-year project of importing and marketing Mustang in Australia. Ford Australia allocated A$4million for the conversion and modification work on 250 Mustangs. However, the Mustang was never engineered for right-hand drive market in the first place. Thus, the Mustang must be individually converted to right-hand drive and modified to comply with stringent Australian Design Rules. Ford Australia contracted with Tickford (local company that made the high performance modifications to the Australian Ford vehicles) to carry out the design and engineering work for conversion and modification.

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Speaker Cavities
Front: 6" x 8"
Rear: 6-1/2", 6" x 8"
Front door: 6" x 8"
Rear side panel: 6-1/2"
Rear deck: 6" x 8"