Holden Commodore 1993-1997 VR, VS

Headunit Installation Requirements

You will need

Facia - Single DIN : 

Not Required

Steering Wheel Control Harness: 

Not Required

Primary Harness: 

Required, may require a secondary harness

Antenna Adaptor: 

Not Required

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About this Vehicle


Jul 1993 through Aug 1997


  • Holden



Chassis Type: 

  • Sedan
  • Ute
  • Wagon

Place of Origin: 



  • Holden
  • Commodore
  • VR
  • VS
  • Sedan
  • Ute

Holden Commodore VR, VS

The Holden VR Commodore, released in 1993, came with an updated, sleeker and more modern design, as well as safety enhancements such as ABS. The VR commodore was Wheels Car of the Year for 1993

The Holden VS Commodore, released in 1995, was the ninth model of the Holden Commodore, a large car built by Holden, the Australian subsidiary of General Motors. The VS Commodore was the last of which to be sold as Toyota Lexcens, as Holden and Toyota ended their model-sharing scheme.

Production of the VS Sedan and Wagon finished in August 1997 but production of the VS ute carried on to 2000.

Information provided by: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_VR_Commodore and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_VS_Commodore

Harness Information for Holden VS Statesman, Calais & Caprice

Holden changed the factory radio wiring in these vehicles to the VT series plug use APP062
Please Note Steering wheel control adapters for the VS Statesman, Calais & Caprice are not available. The CHVTVXA or CHLVTVXA does not suit.

Speaker Cavities
Front: 6-1/2"
Rear: 6-1/2"