Holden Statesman 1999-2003 WH Series I , II

Headunit Installation Requirements

You will need

Facia - Single DIN : 


Facia - Double DIN: 


Steering Wheel Control Harness: 

Required, also requires radio brand specific patch lead

Primary Harness: 

Required, may require a secondary harness

Additional Products



T Harness (for adding aftermarket bluetooth car kits): 

Not Available
About this Vehicle


Jan 1999 through May 2003


  • Holden



Chassis Type: 

  • Sedan
  • Wagon

Place of Origin: 



  • Holden
  • Commodore
  • VT
  • VX
  • Series I
  • II
  • statesman
  • WH

Holden Statesman 1999-2003 WH Series I , II

The WH series saw Holden return to a standalone model designation, rather than adopting the same used by the short-wheelbase Commodore. Models followed much the same pattern as the previous car: a standard Statesman, a special edition Statesman International, and the Caprice as flagship.[25] The doors and front windscreen were again shared with the mainstream Commodore while wheelbase was increased to 2,939 mm (116 in).

It should be noted that WH Series I cars built between 1999 and 2000 had more in common with VT II Commodore, while 2000 onwards bore more resemblance to the updated VX Commodore in parts and finish.

Information provided by: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_Caprice

Dash Conversion

We do not have a custom facia for the WH Statesman but the factory dash can be converted to a Commodore SS or Executive. The Statesman has 3 panels that are removed and replaced by the 2 piece SS dash (Factory Clock is lost) or Executive dash (Clock and Fog switch position is lost). This allows any of the standard VT/VX kits to be used. see FP8018 for a Double DIN or FP9018 for a single DIN

Speaker Cavities
Front: 6"
Rear: 6"
Rear Deck: 6" x 9"