Toyota Starlet 1996-1999

Headunit Installation Requirements

You will need

Facia - Single DIN : 

Not Required

Facia - Double DIN: 

Not Required

Primary Harness: 

Required, may require a secondary harness

Antenna Adaptor: 

Not Required

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About this Vehicle


Jan 1996 through Jan 1999


  • Toyota

Chassis Type: 

  • Hatchback

Place of Origin: 



  • Starlet
  • Toyota
  • Hatchback

Toyota Starlet

The Toyota Starlet is a small automobile manufactured by Toyota from 1973 to 1999, replacing the Publica. The Starlet 90 series, introduced in 1996, retained the same ideas of three or five-door hatchback. The unique design is sloped-down belt line on front doors. The Japanese versions were divided into 3 models: Reflet (normal), Glanza (sports), and Carat (classic). The Reflet (Base, f, and x), the Carat, and the Glanza S were powered by the 4E-FE engine. The Base model was also offered with the 1N Diesel engine. Based on the 5 door Reflet, the Starlet Remix came with rugged SUV style. It has over fenders, body cladding, roof rail, and spare tire mounted on the back.

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