In most states and territories it is now illegal to operate or even touch your mobile device for any reason unless the device is held in place ( Fixed to the vehicle with a phone holder. Why take the risk?

ADM1300 Smart phone holder and multi-model phone charger in one


Phone holder to suit Android/Apple (including iPhone 5) with dual USB charge and power socket (Max. 3A)

Select the appropriate USB port:
Separate USB charger for iPhone
Built-in USB charger for Smart phone


Holder Features:
* Fits devices and cases up to 88mm wide
* Auto grip clip-on holder for a strong stable hold
* Flexible 180 degree horizontal adjustment

Charger Features:
* Built-in holder charger and separate lighter socket USB charger combine to allow fast charging for most smart phone devices
* Can charge 2 smart phone devices at once
* Separate charging options to best cater you're charging needs
* Insertable USB charger can be used separately from the main holder charger