These adaptors allow you to install an aftermarket amplifier to your factory head unit. These devices take the speaker level outputs from the head unit and reduce the signal to a level of which an aftermarket amplifier can use without overloading its inputs.

AP304A 2 Ch. adjust. level converter - No longer available from wholesaler


The Aerpro AP304A is a compact 2-channel line output converter.
Great for adding an aftermarket amplifier to a factory headunit in most 12V vehicles.

  • 2-Channel
  • Step Down Adjustable Channel Gain
  • Compact Design

Operating Voltage: 12V
Max Input Wattage: 30W
Input Format: Open-End Wire
Output Format: RCA
Dimensions: 90L x 64W x 27D


Product is no longer for sale and has been Discontinued from production.