Transforming from 12 to 240V? You need an Inverter. Need 12V from a 24 Volt source?? You need a converter. Just make sure you select a product that has the power capacity to run the device you're trying to use.

FTS300P Pure sine wave inverter 300w - No longer available from wholesaler


Pure Sine Wave inverter with 2.1A USB charger. Pure Sine Wave is not only critical for the correct functioning of high end electronic equipment, it will also ensure that appliances run more smoothly, producing less heat and noise!

  • Pure Sine Wave
  • 2.1A USB charging port
  • 220-240V AC outlet
  • Cooling fan
  • External replaceable fuses

Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Single Outlet
Continuous Power: 300w
Peak power 600W
Input Voltage: 12vDC
Output Voltage: 220 - 240v AC (50Hz)
USB Charging: 1 (max 2.1A)
Low Voltage Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Over Load Protection
Over Heat Protection


Product is no longer for sale and has been Discontinued from production.
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