G35C Flush mount reverse camera

Our Gatorâ„¢ Driver Assist reverse cameras have universal mounts of various designs. This makes them highly versatile and easy to install. They can connect with most types of pre-existing headunit or monitors.

The Gator G35C Flush Mount Reverse Camera is a super compact flush mount camera that can be mounted into the rear bumper of the vehicle. Once installed all that is visible is the lens and bezel of the camera and therefore provides a discreet installation. It features built-in parking gridlines that will help guide you when reverse parking, a wide 170 Degree viewing angle that will eliminate blind spots and is even IP67 rated. The camera also features a 4 Pin Micro Din connector that allows for a clean and simple installation.

The camera is NTSC and is supplied with a standard RCA cable so it can be connected to any monitor or in dash AV head unit that is NTSC compatible and has an RCA camera input. If you are unsure simply refer to the monitors specifications.

The camera comes supplied with a 18.5mm hole saw for installation, 1.5m power wire and a 6m video RCA. This camera is a great option for anyone looking for a compact, high quality camera that can be mounted into the bumper.