H1LED6K H1 LED headlight globe 5700 kelvin


Get brighter light that lasts longer and see further with the Aerpro LED headlight globe replacements.

Aerpro 6K series LED headlight globe replacements can produce up to 6,000 Lumens of light (That’s alot). A pair of basic 12V 60/55W Halogen H4 globe will only produce up to approximately 2,000 Lumens on Low beam.

We use some of the best LED chips available!
Most of our 6K series LED headlight globe replacements use Cree XHP50 LED chips, “The Cree brand is synonymous with the highest-quality LED lighting. Cree LEDs define the metrics by which all other LEDs are measured.”

If you’ve been looking at LED headlight globes you may have noticed some brand’s LEDs aren’t in exactly the same position as a standard halogen globe. This means the light produced will be re-flecting off the wrong part of the headlight reflector, this will often result in a poor light pattern being produced and can be dangerous for on coming traffic. Not ours! We spent countless hours making sure our LED chips line up perfectly with the halogen globe of the same style.


5700K Light Output
4000 Lumens
Compact Heatsink
Efficient Heat Dissipation


Base - H1
Input Power - 22W
Operating Voltage - DC12-24v
Luminous Flux - 4000 Lumens (2000 x 2)
Light Source Model - LUMILEDS
Colour Temperature - 5700 Kelvin
Heat Dissipation - Aviation Aluminium 6063
Operating Life - >30000 hrs
Operating Temperature - -40C - + 80C
Ultra Compact Heat Sink


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